Student Testimony: Thanks so Much Bayley


 John is an amazing guitarist and guitar teacher, in the time that he has been teaching me I have noticed a massive improvement on my playing in all aspects of guitar. John is not just an amazing guitar teacher but he will also go out of his way to help students out with their performances or music help. I am currently doing NCEA level one and just today I txt John and said “hey would you be able to help me out with a composition” he was happy to help and we sat down at lunch break and he helped me to get it in on time, thanks John you’re the man!

Now for my part, it is amazing to be a teacher to a talented young man like Bayley and to see him grow as a guitar player, a musician and as a human. It is students like yourself that make me realize that being a mentor is an absolutely amazing job. Thanks for challenging me and getting me out of any comfort zone I may have. Thanks for making me steeping it up on a daily basis.

It is an absolute joy if you are learning new things, develop deeper into certain techniques because you have students that drive you there, maybe not from a playing perspective always but most certainly from a teaching perspective! It’s guys like yourself that keep me as a teacher on my toes, developing, eager to search for new materials and most of all happy.

Cheers bro!

Student Testimony: Thanks so much AlanP

I came to John with about 30 years of being self taught (kicked off by 1/2 dozen group lessons at age 18).

Having dabbled in a range of methods from finger style to conventional rock/pop/blues using books DVD’s and YouTube, I had reached a plateau in my DIY approach to learning (and in-grained a number of poor techniques!).

I now appreciate how critical it is to have a good teacher who can head off any incorrect techniques or approaches before they become limitations!

DSCF4773My goal is to progress as a “student” of jazz music (an awesome journey!).

John is a very accomplished musician and this coupled with his patience and creativity equips him with the ability to get to the root cause of any problems, and then follow through with solutions! This sets him apart as a teacher.

Also, there are very few players I have observed that can do what he does, playing any style! very inspiring!

A revelation for me has been learning the critical role of the right-hand in timing and feel.  “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!”  I am now convinced that anything is possible with the right teacher and consistent approach to practice.

I highly recommend John to anyone looking to learn and improve their guitar technique and musical ability.

As the young folk would say, “Awesome!”

Rapt Student : AlanP.


Thanks so much Alan for this awesome testimony, which touches on so many things that I actually hold very dearly when it comes to teaching people to play their instrument of choice. In all this I believe that the up close and personal approach is the best way to go. If there is anything I have learned over the years, it is that every person is unique in their talents but also in their way of learning, in picking things up and running with it. Hence I have chosen for a relatively open structure and approach to teaching people how to play their instrument. Essentials will always stay essentials, but getting a good report helps to discover for each and every student how they can get the best out of themselves. Another student mentioned once that I seem to enjoy the lessons as much as they did no matter what they brought in. It is my belief that when you get ti know the student better and you look carefully at the things they want to learn, you will be able to find some consistency and system in there. Yes iit means more homework but fr the right reasons.

AlanP you are a joy to teach and it is an even bigger joy to see the look on your and other students when they played what they never thought they would be able to do, just like you earlier this evening. When that happens, yes!!!! I enjoy the lessons as much as the student. What more fun can there be in assisting people to be amazed by themselves!?

And if you the reader, no matter where you are is thinking “I want that!” just contact me 

A Response from Easter pre-dawn Service


Last weekend I had the privilege and joy to be involved in a pre-dawn Easter Service in Hagley Park. From 6.00 – 7.00 in the morning we gathered to sing and play hymns and spiritual songs and in between there was scripture reading. Great to be involved in this cross-congregational initiative through the Shekinah Trust.

Here is part of the response that came back:

I hope you have had a great Easter celebration and have had time to get some rest. This is one Easter celebration we will not forget easily. It will probably remain in our minds as the most memorable one – singing in a park, under electric lights and with a steady drizzle for overhead cover. Some attendees likened it to the ‘latter rain’ that will fall on the body of believers in the last days.

What amazes me is that the audience continued to remain seated unmindful of the rain even as the singers and musicians carried on with their singing.

It was indeed amazing to see all these people siting unfazed by the rain singing and listening. Never before I have been playing amplified in the rain, and while I said a little prayer asking not to be electrocuted, I felt at peace and joyous to be part of this very special celebration. Thank you Shekinah Trust for inviting us and thank you people that were there and stayed there for the whole service, thank you God for keeping everyone safe.

Renaissance Man Music on Facebook

It is official now, Renaissance Man Music has its own facebook page. I will keep on posting here and will use that page as a place where you can leave questions or better yet answers where all matter music can be discussed. I suggest you go down there and add it to your favorites or at least bookmark the page.


Living too far away to drive to guitar lessons, or just want the occasional lesson at the convenience of your own living room or music room or actually even your bedroom (provided you have internet connection there), consider one on one live lessons via skype.  All it takes is you, your guitar (an amp if applicable) a web cam and microphone. Besides skype I am looking at alternatives like yahoo messenger and msn messenger.

This may just be the solution for younger students that do not want to be traveling in the evening hours or where other commitments make it more convenient to stay at home while still receiving instructions.

Just email me, and you’ll be receiving firther instructions on payment and we ca book a lesson at a time that works for both off us. Payments are accepted via bank transfer/electronic payment, paypal and/or credit card.

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