As said before I have considerably been influenced by Joe Pass. Since I heard him play unaccompanied jazz guitar I knew that was one of the areas I wanted to get better at. To this day I am still trying to improve, realising what an incredible guitar player this man was.

Listen to some of my recordings through the links below:

  • Georgia on My Mind 
    A classic and one of my favorites.
  • What are you doing the rest of your life?
    Romantic electric guitars. Love this old Chales Aznavour song and remember him singing it. Hope it captures that same European romantic flavour.
  • Blues for SB
  • Swampy Slide Thang
    Every now and than I like to do something else. This is a song for slide guitar. Swampy sounds !!!!! And dad, if there’s internet up above, be sure to check this one, typically your kinda music !!!!
  • Blues for my Dad
    This one is an old style slide blues, the way my dad would have liked it, so dad, open up those internet gates to heaven and sit back and relax.



  • Bullet Train
    A great song of the band Friendship, we covered with our fusion band Booby Trap.
  • The Guitarman is Going to Get You
    Linda’s Day Off Life (my old funk and soul band). A song by Henk de Ligt for me to go wild, thanks bro I enjoyed it every time and most of all the audience.
  • A Cry of Love
    A nightly Jam alone with the computer. Inspired by the one that made me pick up a guitar: Carlos Santana.  The melody of the song was one that had been going through my head all day and finally late at night I got a chance to record it. One day I will hopefully finish it.
  • In Time
    A recording with Robbi Spencer, US based recording artist, songwriter and producer. Recording made via the internet. I play all guitar parts here. One day I am sure that we will sit down together and write some great modern gospel songs.
  • Cosmic Explosion
    A recording with well acclaimed Australian based guitar player, song writer, recording artist and producer John Castellain. This song was recorded via the internet. John Castellain did some amazing things with the arrangement and production. I remember so well how I wrote the double hand tapping harmony in the basis not realizing that it would end up really painful trying to keep that up for a whole song. But with some extra training I managed to get it out. One day I hope to sit down with him and just jam our hearts out under the stars.
  • Rock the Night (1983)
    My very first rock original. Pff I am getting an old dude.
  • Orangotang guitar jam in studio
    Just going crazy all improvised.

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