Evelyn Glennie shows how to listen: TED Talks

What an amazing talk this was.  It gave me a completely different angle on studying music, playing music and listening to music. The full text is available as interactive transcript as well.

Why you should listen to her:
Evelyn Glennie‘s music challenges the listener to ask where music comes from: Is it more than simply a translation from score to instrument to audience? How can a musician who has almost no hearing play with such sensitivity and compassion?

The Grammy-winning percussionist and composer became almost completely deaf by the age of 12, but her hearing loss brought her a deeper understanding of and connection to the music she loves. She’s the subject of the documentary Touch the Sound, which explores this unconventional and intriguing approach to percussion.

Along with her vibrant solo career, Glennie has collaborated with musicians ranging from classical orchestras to Björk. Her career has taken her to hundreds of concert stages around the world, and she’s recorded a dozen albums, winning a Grammy for her recording of Bartók’s Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, and another for her 2002 collaboration with Bela Fleck.
Her passion for music and musical literacy brought her to establish, in collaboration with fellow musicians Julian Lloyd Weber and Sir James Galway, the Music Education Consortium, which successfully lobbied for an investment of 332 million pounds in music education and musical resources in Britain.

“Evelyn Glennie is simply a phenomenon of a performer.”
New York Times

Amazing Rhythm Guitar: Rodrigo y Gabriela

I guess the summer brings out this desire to pick up the acoustic guitar more and play on that. Besides that I have found myself appreciating the acoustic guitar more and more and at times even over the electric. But most of all it is easier to pick up and play, in the sun, under the umbrella, when there are friends around for a bit of a sing along and to play and sing Christian songs as a way of personal praise throughout the week.

In all this, my (soon to be busking buddy ggg, you know who you are) sent me a you tube link to a song called Tamacun by Rodrigo y Gabriella, two people that left the metal rock band scene to go out and busk Now while it is easy to be distracted by all the beautiful melodies, what really hit me was the amazing rhythm guitar of Gabriella.

And to get a better idea of what she’s all about rhythmically I suggest the next video.

And here two video lessons by these two awesome players.

Have fun!