Student Testimony: Thanks so Much Bayley


¬†John is an amazing guitarist and guitar teacher, in the time that he has been teaching me I have noticed a massive improvement on my playing in all aspects of guitar. John is not just an amazing guitar teacher but he will also go out of his way to help students out with their performances or music help. I am currently doing NCEA level one and just today I txt John and said “hey would you be able to help me out with a composition” he was happy to help and we sat down at lunch break and he helped me to get it in on time, thanks John you’re the man!

Now for my part, it is amazing to be a teacher to a talented young man like Bayley and to see him grow as a guitar player, a musician and as a human. It is students like yourself that make me realize that being a mentor is an absolutely amazing job. Thanks for challenging me and getting me out of any comfort zone I may have. Thanks for making me steeping it up on a daily basis.

It is an absolute joy if you are learning new things, develop deeper into certain techniques because you have students that drive you there, maybe not from a playing perspective always but most certainly from a teaching perspective! It’s guys like yourself that keep me as a teacher on my toes, developing, eager to search for new materials and most of all happy.

Cheers bro!