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John has been playing and teaching guitar, bass and ukulele for well over thirty years. He studied at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, Netherlands and since those days he’s been working as a freelance musician, private teacher and a member of a number of bands and small ensembles in Europe and New Zealand. Besides that he holds a masters degree in criminal law, -procedure and criminology. Up until 2009 (for about 15 years) John maintained a parallel career as a legal and investigative (fraud) specialist and as a part time musician and tutor. In 2009 John’s life took a different direction (becoming a follower of Christ), which led him back to music as a full time occupation: as an artist, as a ministry and tutoring music. John is considered to be a master of the instrument, drawing on in-depth knowledge of both many musical styles and industry experience as a musician and worship guitarist. He believes lessons should be affordable without compromising on quality.

Students have found their ways into different institutes around the world such as GIT (Hollywood), Berklee (Boston), conservatories around the Netherlands and the CPIT Jazz School here in Christchurch New Zealand. Other students have been launched into a (semi-)professional musical career without the need of a formal degree.


John works with the student to provide new and challenging material that will assist the them first and foremost in developing their skills as well as their own unique voice on the instrument. As a result lesson plans are individual and unique to the student and may include a wide range of musical styles and/or approaches depending on the student’s aspirations. Lessons consist of a healthy mix of technique and theory as well as general musical development.

Lessons take place on a weekly basis but more flexible arrangements can be made. Contact John for more information. Online options are available (Skype/Google).


  • Single/Occasional Lessons 45 minutes: $35
  • Single/Occasional Lessons 60 minutes  $45
  • Weekly Lessons 45 minutes $30/lesson* ($120 /month)
  • Weekly Lessons 60 minutes $40/lesson* ($ 160 /month)
  • Bi-weekly Lesson 45 minutes $30/lesson
  • Bi-weekly Lesson 60 minutes $40/lesson
  • Skype/webcam 60 minutes $50/lesson**
  • Weekly lessons of 30 minutes available through primary schools only.

* The monthly fee covers four weekly lessons. Should there be a fifth lesson day in your month, that
lesson is provided at no charge. Monthly plans are paid in advance.
**   A decent webcam is a minimum requirement, booking confirmed upon receipt of tuition fee.


Dear John!
I just wanted to send you a copy of this EP as a thank you for all your support with this project right from the beginning.  Your support has meant the world to me! Nakita.
Nakita Turner (recording artist)

“When I started lessons with John, I could play about five chords on the guitar. Now, not even a year later, I can play things that I never would have dreamed of playing before. John is an incredible teacher – he figures out what you want to learn, and makes it easy for you to learn it. I have improved a hundredfold since I started taking lessons with him, not only in my guitar playing but in my songwriting as well. Take lessons with John, you won’t regret it!!”
Thank you so much for everything John, it has been amazing working with you 🙂
Helen McCreary  (recording artist)
You’re the best guitar teacher I have ever had!
Mia Cochrane, Little River
 John is a brilliant guitar tutor. He connected with my teenage son straight off with his easy-going and friendly manner. John continually motivated and challenged my son to play in my son’s style of music. Thanks so much John
Georgina Pickering Kleinedeters (mother of student)
I came to John with about 30 years of being self taught (kicked off by 1/2 dozen group lessons at age 18).
Having dabbled in a range of methods from finger style to conventional rock/pop/blues using books DVD’s and YouTube, I had reached a plateau in my DIY approach to learning (and in-grained a number of poor techniques!).
I now appreciate how critical it is to have a good teacher who can head off any incorrect techniques or approaches before they become limitations!
My goal is to progress as a “student” of jazz music (an awesome journey!).
John is a very accomplished musician and this coupled with his patience and creativity equips him with the ability to get to the root cause of any problems, and then follow through with solutions! This sets him apart as a teacher.Also, there are very few players I have observed that can do what he does, playing any style! very inspiring!
A revelation for me has been learning the critical role of the right-hand in timing and feel.  “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!”  I am now convinced that anything is possible with the right teacher and consistent approach to practice.
I highly recommend John to anyone looking to learn and improve their guitar technique and musical ability.
As the young folk would say, “Awesome!”
Rapt Student : Alan Provan

There has never been a time when I haven’t enjoyed one of John’s guitar lessons. John is friendly, funny and accommodating and the classes are always up close and personal; even more so because he seems to enjoy the classes just as much as the student. He inspires, encourages and keeps you interested in your guitar playing. I’ve never left one of his lessons wanting to do anything other than play guitar. He’s willing to teach you to play anything from Frank Sinatra to Slipknot to Justin Bieber and anything in between. (Although getting him to teach you Justin Bieber might require some nagging). All jokes aside, John Dierckx is an excellent down to earth teacher and I have never had better.
Kent Date, Taipeh/Christchurch



John is a really nice teacher and when I was sad he helped me and comforted me. He is a really nice teacher and helps me to learn to play the guitar. If anyone wanted to play guitar I would recommend John because he is the best!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Zachery Abraas, Christchurch


John has been teaching me guitar for only a short time. I find him very easy to communicate with and learn from. If he thinks I am having a difficulty in absorbing stuff he doesn’t push me too far. I have learned a lot in a short time from him and I put it down to his easy going attitude and his ability to keep your attention during a lesson.
I enjoy my lessons every Friday and hope John will be able to keep tutoring me for a good while yet. John Thomson The Bridge Restaurant and Bar