Live Music

Celebrating His Goodness, Greatness and Glory

13226853_10154232291113216_6595180598878963198_nIn 2009 John’s life took a change of direction when he became a follower of Christ. In Christ he found renewed inspiration and joy in music. Besides being a tutor/mentor for guitar, bass and ukulele, John can be found playing live and as a member of the worship team at his home church. More recently he has been performing under the banner of his itinerant music ministry “MUSIC WITH A HEART FOR GOD”.
If his life belonged to God than so did his music.
John has been a member of the music team with (inter)nationally acclaimed worship leaders/Christian artists such as Bob Fitts, Karen Lafferty, Sean Feucht (USA), Fini & Isi De Gersigny (AUS), Rob Packer (NZ), is a regular member of the “Best for the City” worship team led by Vicki Trustrum (GER/NZ). He has made (guest) appearances in other churches. 

John’s heart desire is to worship, glorify God through music, to make the presence of God tangible and to let God do his amazing works through the music that comes out of his hands.  



John was particularly inspired by I Samuel 16:16-23, II Kings 3:15, II Chronicles 5:13,14: making God’s presence and works tangible through music. Additionally the music may assist or facilitate contemplation, prayer, healing, prophecy or just to rest/soak in the presence of God.

When you invite John under the music with a heart for God banner it is good to remember that it is not just a regular concert. It is a time to celebrate the greatness, goodness, faithfulness and glory of God and to be encouraged by a combination of music and testimony.

Typically John plays a selection of (instrumental) arrangements of contemporary worship songs, hymns, original compositions and relevant jazz/pop/classical compositions and shares relevant parts of his journey in Christ. Where appropriate or desired, guest appearances by some of his musical friends form part of the program. Guests have included, singers and guitar students of an advanced to professional level. John is also more than happy to work with members of your worship team and adjust the program to suit certain needs or wishes.

John is more than willing to come and minister to your sick family members where you think music and God’s presence might make a difference. John would love to discuss options for your live group, prayer group, youth group.



Ideal for when you are in need of background music that provides a positive atmosphere without being intrusive. The (approximately 4 hour) repertoire consists of selection of music played on the jazz guitar, steel string and nylon string, stylistically covering a wide range genres from (semi)classical to classics, jazz, pop, country/bluegrass, Celtic, meditative, and more. Suitable engagements would typically be:

  • corporate functions
  • restaurant and cafe/bar background music
  • soiree/garden party
  • art exhibition
  • wedding
  • funeral 


If and when required John can draw upon a number of people and extend to larger setups:

  • Annemarie and John: jazz and pop standards: piano/voice/guitar duo. Depending on requirements and availability this may be expanded to a Nat King Cole type of trio.
  • John and Tania: jazz, pop, rock standards guitar and voice. Depending on requirements and availability this may be expanded to a guitar, bass, voice trio.
  • Guitar duo: John would love to come out with one or more of his star students, all at a high level of capabilities. Be amazed of the levels of my students. Also let it be known that John believes that taking along students to live situations is the best way to teach them what cannot be learned in the safety of a studio.
  • Guitar-Bass duo: jazz and related styles.



We believe God used you mightily. The feedback we have received has just been fantastic and we have even had good reports from people who weren’t even there… A number of our kaumatua came out from the concert (JD, Music with a heart for God) basically mesmerized… I mean to say people were truly blessed… I really think the vision is being captured and embraced…I believe you were acting under inspiration and it was a Spirit led event rather than a guitar show. But still it was a remarkable and enjoyable event that demonstrated to people that there are Christians out there with talents and skills who can witness and testify to the greatness of God and exemplify Jesus in their walk. 
Gary Garner, Thrive Performing Arts, Leeston, New Zealand 

I really enjoyed your concert… The main thing was the music that carried, everyone enjoyed it so much.
Wendy Christy, concert pianist

Hey John,I started listening to your music,and could not stop.Beautiful phrasing,chord melody solos ala Wes.Really Great feel,Sincerly,Carmine D’Amico I will be back to hear more,PEACE.
Carmen D’Amico holder of 16 Grammy Awards (USA)

Howdy Podna, from RockRobster in California
I was just listening to 3 by “…. Wow man, that is a cool little jam. Swing and all. It’s as good as, I can tell you that for sure.
Nice geetar licks John! Keep up the good work in your jazz trio and keep recording your live stuff and post it here, k? We love it.
Much Love & Respect,
Robbi Spencer, recording artist and producer (USA)

You chord melodies are really cool. Your playing reminds me very much of Joe Pass, who I’m sure you probably listen to a lot. After all, you can’t really play solo jazz guitar without being influenced by him. I can also hear that you have your own style too. So far I’ve only scratched the surface, since you have a ton of music on here, but I look forward to hearing more.
Brian Healey (USA)