A Response from Easter pre-dawn Service


Last weekend I had the privilege and joy to be involved in a pre-dawn Easter Service in Hagley Park. From 6.00 – 7.00 in the morning we gathered to sing and play hymns and spiritual songs and in between there was scripture reading. Great to be involved in this cross-congregational initiative through the Shekinah Trust.

Here is part of the response that came back:

I hope you have had a great Easter celebration and have had time to get some rest. This is one Easter celebration we will not forget easily. It will probably remain in our minds as the most memorable one – singing in a park, under electric lights and with a steady drizzle for overhead cover. Some attendees likened it to the ‘latter rain’ that will fall on the body of believers in the last days.

What amazes me is that the audience continued to remain seated unmindful of the rain even as the singers and musicians carried on with their singing.

It was indeed amazing to see all these people siting unfazed by the rain singing and listening. Never before I have been playing amplified in the rain, and while I said a little prayer asking not to be electrocuted, I felt at peace and joyous to be part of this very special celebration. Thank you Shekinah Trust for inviting us and thank you people that were there and stayed there for the whole service, thank you God for keeping everyone safe.